Tuesday, August 14, 2012

English Arts - Writing Topic Prompter

Medieval writing desk
Medieval writing desk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     Ever want to sit down and write a story, but your mind is blank?
     I often wish there were some magical way to break down those mental blocks, whether for writing or art or anything creative.
     Well, this free tool I found could help me, plus homeschool and classroom students for those journals or stories they need to write.
     I also figure it could help us artist-types who want to think of a topic for their art journals or next painting or artist trading card. It could even jog us scrapbookers into designing a page they wouldn't have thought to make otherwise.
    Here's how Homeschool Launch describes this free online tool, the English Arts - Writing Topic Prompter
     "The hardest part of writing a story is starting it! Use this story prompter to generate some ideas and get your creative juices flowing.
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     If you type in a name, the prompter will use it. Make sure to specify "boy name" or "girl name" - or you may end up with some silly results! If you don't type in a name, the prompter will choose one for you randomly."
     I tried it just now, and when I entered my youngest son Noah's name, this is the prompt I got:

She looked at Noah. "What happened to you? It looks like you just escaped a tornado!"

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