Thursday, February 24, 2011

Play Animal Exercises | Activities |

Here's a fun activity if you're doing something about animals in homeschool, or even if you aren't: Play Animal Exercises | Activities |
We've done something similar to this for years when playing or doing P.E. outside. I incorporate whatever we're learning into the obstacle course we're doing, in the verbal directions I provide. For instance, bark like a "d" O G (spelling it) as you skip 4 times to the swing.
Or "Move like a monkey" to the T R E E."
It's a blast for all of us!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free Lightwave Science Teleclass!

Free Science Tele-Class

"Light Waves What two colors make yellow light? Can anything go faster than light? Discover this and more in our hands-on class in the physics of optics, lenses, and light waves. Click here for the shopping list. Monday, April 11, 2011 at 12pm Pacific Time"
Click here to sign up (and verify timing, since this is the tenative schedule.) Homeschool Science Education:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free Angela Young 2 - Escape the Dreamscape: PC Download video game

  • Continue Angela's journey through an eerie world of dreams and nightmares
  • Seek for answers to escape from the Lord of Nightmares
  • Find her cat Felix and save other helpless creatures
  • Solve a variety of engaging puzzles to locate secret locations
  • Help Angela and Felix back home once and for all!

The magical doorway remains open in Angela Young 2 - Escape the Dreamscape, the continuing hidden object journey through a strange and fantastic dream world!

Angela's adventure to get back home to her own reality continues after helping the Keeper of Dreams restore order. She has yet to find her cat Felix, and now she's stumbled into the unpredictable realm of the Lord of Nightmares. It's quite an unpleasant land filled with many dangers, tricky puzzles and strange creatures, but Angela is determined to make it back safely.

Travel along with Angela and help her piece the puzzle to break free from this eerie dreamscape once and for all! Meet strange creatures while collecting important items. Play a variety of entertaining, yet challenging, mini-games to uncover secret locations. Race to find Felix and help others taken in by the evil Lord before it's too late!

Play the free version of Angela Young 2 - Escape the Dreamscape or download the full unlimited version and wake up from this strange and twisted nightmare!Free Games > Download and Play Today! | GameHouse: "GameHouse provides a free game that you can download and play free forever. The game is only available for one day"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free 10 Days To Save The World: PC Download Game

  • You are humanity's last hope in stopping a global catastrophe
  • Find out what secrets an ancient amulet hides
  • Search through ruins of the past and learn about the future
  • Perform mysterious Mayan rituals to solve mysteries
  • Figure out the puzzling riddles to save mankind!

Race to keep humanity from extinction in 10 Days to Save the World, a hidden object search where ancient secrets hold the key to survival!

Two years ago, Diana and her sister found a mysterious amulet while hunting for treasure. Recently, this artifact began to vibrate and act strangely, corresponding with a string of serious disasters such as flooding in Africa and a drought in Venice. Diana has a strange feeling that the amulet might have something to do with these cataclysms, and sets out with her archaeologist father to search for clues. Can they find the answers before it's too late?

Hurry along with Diana and her team as they race to prevent a global disaster from ending the world! Search through Mayan ruins and discover secrets of this ancient past to learn about the future. Solve intricate riddles, perform mysterious rituals, and find out why the government is tracking your every move!

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free Parenting Course Online

Parenting course 1 logo - Getting the BestJoin the Netmums Parenting Courses - Netmums: "Most parents would like ideas or help with their parenting at some time in their child's life."

You can sign up at the link above for a series of free online email parenting courses that sound interesting.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beautiful Valentine Free Scrapbook Digital Kit

My Valentine CAK Contents "You're going to LOVE this kit as much as I do! That's just it - it's all about love. You can receive the link to a part of it each day to amass the whole digital scrapbooking kit free. I think that's wonderful! And it's just right to scrapbook about someone or something that you love! Whether Valentine's Day or any other day of the year, this kit has just the right pieces for you to spotlight someone special in your life"

Free Gemsweeper: PC Download Video Game

"GameHouse provides a free game that you can download and play free forever. The game is only available for one day"
  • Unlimited Play
  • Two Game Modes: Quest and Arcade
  • Exciting Bonus Rounds
  • Achievement Rankings
  • Over 225 Unique Puzzles

Embark on a thrilling expedition of puzzling fun in this brain-bending search for hidden treasure. Join Professor McGuffog and Topex, a magical statue, on a quest through the ancient civilization of El Dorado. Use your puzzle skills to rebuild ancient ruins in Quest mode, or go for the highest score in Arcade mode. Featuring loads of challenging levels, gorgeous full-screen graphics, and addictive g

Free Games > Download and Play Today! | GameHouse:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Free Game Great Adventures - Lost in Mountains: PC Download

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  • Find the missing scientist and save the world in this fabulous adventure.
  • Search the last known location for signs of his whereabouts.
  • Solve bewildering puzzles and uncover clues to get on the trail.
  • Keep you search party happy, healthy and rested during the journey.
  • Play amusing mini-games selecting from six charismatic characters.

Save the world from certain disaster when you rescue a renowned inventor in Great Adventures - Lost in Mountains!

A famous scientist has disappeared under strange circumstances, along with his most recent discovery. Unfortunately for everyone, this special formula would have dire consequences if it fell into the wrong hands. Only after a frantic and brief call to his daughter, does anyone realize that something might be wrong, and so she races to be at his side. But once she does arrive, the hotel he was staying in is empty, and there is no trace of his whereabouts. Free Games > Download and Play Today! | GameHouse:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Free Beginning Sewing home-schooling Webinar

"Beginning Sewing Series - Lesson 4
Wednesday, February 16, 2011 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM EST
Webinar Registration

Learn the basics of sewing with Janome’s Beginning Sewing Series. This series will help you get to know the basics of the sewing machine and the process of sewing, while at the same creating a series of fun and creative projects. Sewing unites a variety of important skills – from math to hand-eye coordination – while encouraging students to explore their creative talents. Bring a life-long and fulfilling hobby into your home-schooling curriculum with Janome’s classes. Click here for more information:"

Free My Escape from Slavery / Cast Down Your Bucket Great MP3s & Transcripts

What great homeschool resources these are for Social Studies!
These two excellent Audiobook readings of some famous short works by two of the most influential black men in American History. Both are fascinating glimpses at the lives and hearts of these great men: The Mp3's are excellent quality with musical accompaniment etc. Plus with the transcripts you can also download, you and the kids can read along.

My Escape from Slavery

by Frederick Douglass

Cast Down Your Bucket by Booker T. Washington

Click here to get yours too: Freebie of the Day:

Free Game Jane Angel - Templar Mystery: PC Download

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  • Search through exotic scrollable locations.
  • Play and solve seven types of challenging mini-games.
  • Learn astonishing facts about the religious Knights.

Join the hunt for religious treasures and discover the Holy Grail in Jane Angel - Templar Mystery.

When a case of medieval coins contraband is uncovered at the local airport, FBI Agent and art expert, Jane Angel, eagerly jumps into the investigation. Her fascination with ancient treasures goes very deep, and soon this case will have her digging even deeper into a quest of epic proportions.

Follow Jane on this worldwide search for the treasures of the Templars. Trace history to locate the final resting place. Could it be Columbia, brought over by Christopher Columbus? Or perhaps it's buried under Roslyn Chapel in the Scottish highlands? Find out as you search for objects through 24 exotic locations. Solve 3D jigsaw puzzles, decipher coded word messages and learn astonishing facts. Can you figure out this timeless mystery?

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  • Jane Angel - Templar Mystery Screenshot 1
  • Jane Angel - Templar Mystery Screenshot 2
  • Jane Angel - Templar Mystery Screenshot 3
  • Jane Angel - Templar Mystery Screenshot 4

Jane Angel - Templar Mystery Screenshot

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Dr. Wise - Medical Mysteries: PC Download Video Game

With all those medical dramas on TV, I'll bet plenty of folks will enjoy this game for fun. For homeschoolers, I think it might be a good addition to a unit or lesson on germs, medicine, doctors, medical detectives, illness, etc. Mysteries are cool! So we're downloading it totally free today as you can, while it's full version and unlimited time to keep and play forever. On other days, you can go and get a short trial version to check it out.

  • Free Games > Download and Play Today! | GameHouse: "GameHouse provides a free game that you can download and play free forever. The game is only available for one day"Become a medical detective in this compelling Hidden Object investigation.
  • Search for causes and cures to the strange illnesses of ordinary people.
  • Examine locations with help from the brilliant, yet unconventional Dr. Wise.
  • Note symptoms, search for contaminants, and take samples.Seek out the causes of strange illnesses in Dr. Wise - Medical Mysteries, a series of investigations where the cure is only one housecall away.

    When ordinary people succumb to mysterious illnesses, there's only one doctor brilliant enough to figure out what's wrong. That wily physician is Dr. Wise who, despite his terrible bedside manner and lack of social finesse, thrives on solving inexplicable ailments. Along with his specialized team of interns, there is no disease, infection or affliction that can't be cured, so long as it's not lupus.

    Join this crack unit of medical detectives as they search for elusive causes to mysterious health conditions. Investigate locations to uncover possible sources of the illness. Note the symptoms, take samples with your toolkit, search for contaminants using the Toxicometer, and try not to worry too much about Dr. Wise and his unorthodox approach. After all, he's a doctor, not a psychiatrist. Can you solve the medical riddles in time to save one more life?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Free Game Fantastic Farm: PC Download

Free Games > Download and Play Today! | GameHouse: "GameHouse provides a free game that you can download and play free forever. The game is only available for one day"
  • Use magic to run a farm in this enchanting Time Management escapade.
  • Cast spells, care for animals, grow plants and make enchanted goods.
  • Fulfill orders for ice cream, sweaters, strawberry pies and more.
  • Purchase fun upgrades and sell overstock at auctions.
  • Unlock trophies and extra playing modes.

Save the family land using magic in Fantastic Farm, a delightful and fresh time management challenge.

Growing up on a farm never deterred Maggie from her dream of becoming a wizard. Now that her training is complete, her new focus is to use those magical powers and take over the family farm. But with a greedy oil tycoon threatening to take over her land, and the head wizard unhappy with the direction she's taken, she feels even more compelled to do a job well done.

Help Maggie save the farm and prove naysayers wrong by using her magical prowess. Grow the farm into a prosperous enterprise and convince the mayor to keep the oil tycoon out. Cast spells, care for the animals, grow plants and make enchanted goods. Fulfill orders for ice cream, sweaters, strawberry pies and much more. With more than 100 levels to play, 16 trophies to collect, and extra modes to unlock, this charming adventure will cast a magical spell over you.

Free Paper Fold Construction & Your Lessons (PDF ebook)

Freebie of the Day: "Here's a classic book combining 20 basic paper folding projects (creating cubes, baskets, containers, etc. out of paper or card stock) with specific lesson plans for math, literature, history and nature studies!"