Friday, April 8, 2011

New Yanni Truth of Touch CD: My Review of some great music

I have always loved classical music. Perhaps it's my background in piano lessons as a little girl where I practiced the Minuet, and then continuing on the guitar years later. I have usually listened to something like Mozart or Vivaldi as a means to relax.I also enjoy jazz, not to mention many other kinds of music.
     I'd never had the opportunity to listen to Yanni's music. But now that I have heard his "Truth of Touch" studio album CD, his music will definitely be on my listening list for relaxation not to mention other moods. I recommend it!
     Most of this album is purely instrumental. Though some of his songs make me think of the classics by the old masters, they are each brand new and unique. Yanni has an amazing style and his songs are bound to be seen as clasxics themselves someday.
     Some of the tracks are gentle and relaxing, while others have catchy rhythms to energize, inmcluding some with an exciting tone reminiscent of a jungle beat. A couple of the tracks feature hauntingly romantic and beautiful female vocals that are wonderful. One features Yanni singing in his his native tongue.
     I've never had the pleasure of seeing Yanni in concert, but I can tell from this CD as well as a commercial I saw on TV that I would love to hear his creations in concert someday;. Meanwhile, his CD will at times help me relax, at others rejuenate me and at others serve as romantic background music.
     On March 22, Yanni launched a 40-date tour of the US. The tour will take him through theaters in major cities across the US including Radio City Music Hall in NYC and the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.
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This is Yanni's first instrumental release of original compositions in over eight years and is a return to the genre Yanni helped create and advance.
     “I work the rhythms in this album,” explains Yanni about the new material. “There is a beautiful complexity in these rhythms, a new sound design. I think the melodic content is very strong and very memorable. I was having fun with this album and that’s going to become apparent.”
     It is! Thanks One2One Network for letting me review his album!

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