Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hunger Games Video Writing Prompts | TeachHUB

High schoolers, college age people or adults alike will likely be interested in these "Hunger Games" video excerpts along with "writing prompts" that could likely also be used in book clubs, discussions, debates etc. So homeschoolers, classroom teachers, etc., take note:
Here's one for an example: 9-12: Political CommentaryThe Hunger Games is set in a world where the government forces children to be sacrificed in such a violent way. Writers often create hyperbolic, thought-provoking stories to reveal flaws in our world. What message do you think the story’s creator is trying to express with this dark tale?

To check out the above video plus other prompts, head over to TeachHub:
Hunger Games Video Writing Prompts | TeachHUB:

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