Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free Understood Betsy Novel and MP3 Great for Homeschoolers Etc. Kindle, Nook, PDF, etc.

     Homeschool Freebie of the Day is offering a cute vintage story called "UNDERSTOOD BETSY" by Dorothy Canfield Fisher in PDF, kindle and nook ebook formats + mp3 audiobook.
     Here's how they describe it:

     "A truly classic children’s book...that is a real treat especially for homeschooling families. This engaging tale follows the adventures of thin, pale, 9 year old orphan Elizabeth Ann who is whisked away from her sheltered, overprotected city home and is taken to live on a Vermont farm where her cousins, the “dreaded Putneys,” live. However, it turns out that the Putneys are not at all what Elizabeth was told to expect, and under their care she blooms into a capable, independent and confident young lady.
     UNDERSTOOD BETSY is a deeply satisfying story with wonderful insights into education and learning for its own sake, your family will love this delightful heroine and her heartwarming story will stay with you for years to come. Highly recommended!"

To download yours go here:

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