Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Freedom From Worry and Anxiety Resource from Joyce Meyer for Any Amount

     Worried? Anxious? Joyce Meyer can help with her Godly teachings in "Freedom From Worry and Anxiety:" which you can get right now for a gift of any amount.
English: An anxious person
English: An anxious person
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      "God’s plan for you doesn’t include prolonged periods of anxiety or worry. Yet, many Christians live their lives in fear. They expect disappointment instead of blessings.

     There is a way to break free from negative thought patterns. But in order to live the free life God intended, you have to choose to put your faith in Him.

     In this DVD message of truth, Joyce explains…
-  How worry starts and what feeds it
-  How expectations are part of your faith
-  How to recognize when you’re getting upset and what to do to calm down

     Don’t let worry and anxiety rob you of your health, joy, peace and power another day. Stop receiving every thought that falls into your head, learn to take God at His Word and trust that He has a good plan for your life!"

     This item is listed at the fair value of $20. For a limited time, it's available to you for any amount you give."
To receive your copy go here:
I can't wait to receive my copy! 

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