Saturday, October 23, 2010

Offer for Free Bible Basics Book

This looks great! Click here. Offer for Free Bible Basics Book Here's how they describe it:

Bible Basics is a 385 page book, outlining the basic doctrines of the Bible. Once you have understood and believed these, you should be ready to commit yourself seriously to the Lord Jesus Christ and be baptized into Him. Many have all ready used Bible Basics to study the Word of God for themselves without the aid of any church, sect, priest or pastor. During your studies you are welcome to send us your comments and questions.

Your information will not be sold or distributed to spammers. We sincerely want to send you a free copy of this book without obligation. Please, believe us, and believe in God's word, and send for the book now!

Bible Basics is available in many languages- e.g. Mongolian, Thai, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Arabic, Farsi, French etc. We are unitarian, i.e. non-trinitarian. We believe the idea of the trinity is not in the Bible. We believe in the unity of God, and that the false doctrine of the trinity arose out of a political argument between Arius and Athanasius, leading to the adoption of the trinity at the council of Nicea. Anyone interested in the Arian / unitarian viewpoint would find Bible Basics of great interest.There's also more information about this at

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