Sunday, October 24, 2010

Online Class Teachers & Camp Leaders Wanted

A message from Greg Landry, M.S.:

For several years, parents have been asking me to
offer online classes in a variety of subject areas
such as: Math, Literature, History, Computer, Art,
Composition, Grammar, Geography, Bible, Foreign
Languages, etc., in addition to Science. They have
also asked for summer camps for homeschooled
students in academic areas, in addition to the
science camps we currently offer.

Landry Academy Registration Opens November 1

I'm excited to announce that on November 1, 2010,
"Homeschool Science Academy" will become "Landry
Academy". There will be lots of positive changes;
new tuition structure, improved class structure,
new selection of classes from all subject areas, etc.

Registration Opens for Fall, 2011 Online Classes
for 4th - 12th Grade Students on November 1:

Math, Literature, History, Computer Programming
and Applications, Art, Composition, Grammar,
Geography, Bible, Foreign Languages, Science, etc.

Registration Opens for 2011 Summer Camps
for 8th - 12th Grade Students on November 1:

Violin / Fiddle, drama, Photography, Worship arts,
Math, Narnia, C.S. Lewis, Civil War / Revolutionary
War, Spanish Language, French Language, Latin
Language, Apostle Paul, New Testament, Computer
Programming / Applications / Game Design, Web
Design, Hands on Physics, Guitar, Song / Music
Writing, Voice, art, Debate, speech.

Needed: Online Teachers & Camp Leaders

We need top-notch, Christ-focused online teachers
and summer camp leaders in a variety of subject
areas. We would also like to consider classes or
camps you may be interested in teaching, which we
don't currently offer.

Our online teachers and camp leaders are generously
compensated for their expertise and hard work in
delivering high quality classes and camps.

If you're interested in being considered to teach
online classes or lead summer camps, please see
details here..


If you have questions, don't hesitate to call or
email: or..

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