Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday in French!

Bonne Fete! 

It's my Mom's birthday today! Bonne Fete! Happy Birthday! In honor of this, I looked up the lyrics to the song we've sung to each other as a family since I was a baby. She's born and raised in Quebec, Canada, so in addition to the normal English "Happy Birthday" song, we've always sung the song below, even as we've lived in the United States for so many years now (I was born in Vermont, and my dad in California, so we have an eclectic living history, lol.)

I thought you all might be interested in this, so I thought I'd share it with you along with my Maman: Here it is Grandmaman! 

Ma chère amie,
c'est à ton tour /
De te laisser
parler d'amour. /
Ma chère amie,
c'est à ton tour
/ De te laisser
parler d'amour

which, translated, says,

"Folks of the land, 
it is your turn
 to let yourselves
 talk of love."

You can learn more about the song and its history on Wikipedia:..
"Gens du pays" has been called the unofficial national anthem of Quebec. Written by poet, songwriter, and avowed Quebec nationalist Gilles Vigneault (with music co-written by Gaston Rochon), it was first performed by Vigneault on June 24, 1975 during a concert on Montreal's Mount Royal at that year's Fête nationale du Québec ceremony

Learn more about Wishing Someone a Happy Birthday in French here:

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