Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free Polar Bear Plush Adoption Kit With Donation of at least $9 a Month to Help Save this Wonderful Species

Their habitat is melting away. Please help before its too lateClick here to find out how you can help precious animal species and receive a gift in return. I think this would also make a marvelous part of a classroom or homeschool project about endangered and other threatened animal species! World Wildlife Fund: Help us save precious wildlife:

Here's how the world wildlife fund explains it:
Due to poaching and habitat loss,
two-thirds of polar bears could be gone by 2050.
"As climates grow warmer, polar bears are struggling to survive.

Without sufficient sea ice and snow, it is harder for these animals to hunt or build dens to raise cubs. Your symbolic adoption could mean the difference between survival and extinction for species and wildlife around the world.
Donate Today!"

Check out this video about polar bears from YouTube:

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