Saturday, May 28, 2011

Free 21 Must-Have Easy Picnic Recipes eCookbook |

21 Must-Have Easy Picnic Recipes eCookbook | "Summer is here and that means plenty of picnics. With so many great ideas out there for a picnic, how do you figure out what you want? Focus on the easy picnic recipes of course! This free eCookbook of 21 Must-Have Easy Picnic Recipes has everything you need to create the perfect picnic with the most delicious food.

Though some picnics might include food for the grill, not everybody has access to a grill. Plus a real picnic is everything one can fit in a picnic basket! Hence deli salads, sandwiches, fruits and simple desserts. This collection of easy picnic recipes is perfect, not only does it have a little bit of everything; the recipes are simple and budget friendly too. Whether you're a potato, pasta, tuna or chicken salad fan, or if you're looking for fruit and veggie dishes, this collection has everything you need. Plus a few easy to make dessert recipes that fit in perfectly for any picnic."

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