Thursday, May 26, 2011

Free ebook: Hand Sewing Techniques for Quilters: Learn How to Hand Sew

Free Hand Sewing Techniques for Quilters, a free eBook from Quilting Daily
Free Hand Sewing Techniques for Quilters: Learn How to Hand Sew: "Hand Sewing Techniques for Quilters:
Learn How to Hand Sew using Ladder Stitch, Running Stitch, Chain Stitch, and More

Quilters and embroiders alike share a common passion for cloth, stitch, and color! For centuries, people around the world have used hand sewing not just to stitch two pieces of fabric together, but to add interest to their projects. Now is your chance to get the inside scoop on the best hand stitching techniques to create exciting, sophisticated effects on your quilts. The experts at Quilting Arts present these 4 free tutorials on how to hand sew, free for you to download.

Start by learning how to combine your favorite fanciful fibers with basic stitches to create rich embellishments for your projects. Explore the amazing variations you can create using ladder stitch and unique materials you may already have in your stash. Learn how to use hand stitches to enhance quilt tops, from stitches on pieced backgrounds to adding the final touch to a machine-stitched quilt. Then take your stitches 'on the run' with a tutorial on the simplistic yet useful running stitch.

Whether you have been hand sewing all your life or are new to this time-honored craft, this free eBook will show you many exciting ways to add texture and design to your quilts. Download your copy to get started today!"

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