Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here's my full review of Yardsellr This great site! (19)

Here's my full review of Yardsellr This great site! (19)

Just did a review of Yardsellr. Wouldn't all fit on their page, so here it is: Before I became disabled I used to love to go to swapmeets, flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales. Now I love "going" to Yardsellr from the comfort of my own bed and laptop. It's so much fun to be able to "shop" from people everywhere, and find really cool and unusual stuff or stuff I really just want or need. I'm a scrapbooking and arts and crafts nut, so those are the things I've been buying the most on Yardsellr so far (not to mention selling my creations there, which is also great fun!) Plus with Yardsellr you get the thrill of getting "presents" in the mail! I've been so excited over the packages of colorful scrapbook paper and embellishments I've opened that were like the ultimate surprise package. All at a really great price. :) Plus I've found some tools I just adore for my crafts. Even better yet, I love how Yarsellr let's us earn Photons. These can be used like cash to buy anything from anybody on yardsellr. I've earned some for friends joining yardsellr through me, then been able to buy stuff I wouldn't have been able to otherwise because my Photons brought the price down further out of my pocket! I haven't seen a real life yardsale yet that will do that, lol. I only wish the photons didn't decrease every minute you're browsing on yardsellr. It seems like they would reward you for window shopping, lol. But they do reward you for commenting and sharing items with friends by giving them cash to buy something they might like (photons from yardsellr.)

It's also great to sell at Yardsellr. There are no fees, so it's not like having to lug all your stuff to the swapmeet in hopes of selling stuff, only to discover after all day in the hot sun you onlhy made enough to cover your booth space: if you're lucky! Plus there u still have to lug your stuff home afterward that didn't sell!

Whereas with Yardsellr, you just post anything you want to sell on your very own Yardsale page. All for free. You can publicize it, plus Yardsellr does it for you too. On Facebook, etc. My first sale was so thrilling! I sold one of the Paris scrapbooking kits I invented :) Yardsellr is also more private than having a real life yard sale where you have strangers trudging all over your yard. Who knows who those folks are and whether they're not "casing out" your home for things they want to come steal later! This way, it's all virtual and through the mail, so no stranger danger worries there. It does take 3 days to get paid once you sell something if you have it put on your paypal, which can be a little hard because they don't release any for postage so you have to come up with that cost up front from your own pocket and then get refunded, but that's a small price to pay compared to being charged all the listing fees like Ebay does.

Thanks Yardsellr, for giving me great goodies, enjoyment, and letting me sell stuff I make or don't need, too! You are a fantastic site and I'm thrilled I found you and always thrilled to spread the word about you to my friends and acquaintances. I'm even putting this review on my blog, as well. :) Big hugs and God bless you to the inventors and runners of Yardsellr and my fellow Yardsellrians and customers currrent and future :)

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