Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Learn About My Excess Backside or Tickle My Funny Bone, that is the Question

I like Dr. Oz. I've learned a lot from many of his shows. I wish it weren't on at the same time as Ellen since I don't have access to a DVR :( I was gonna forgo Ellen today because Dr. Oz is about being overweight and Lord knows I can use that, but I've got to admit it's so depressing to hear how I should get rid of my large posterior even though Dr. Oz always does it in a nice way)

I read and listen to quite a bit about getting healthier. I know I need to do it, and hey, I've even lost some weight lately. But the way today's been going, I need some laughs instead. So I'm switching to the Ellen show today again. No, I probably won't learn anything important. But I'll probably see her help somebody and make them happy, which makes me happy. Plus I'll laugh at something silly, probably.
So even though I was watching the Dr. Oz show just now and I should still be, I guess, hey, I need some laughs instead today Ellen!. :) (She makes me laugh a lot lately, now that I've started watching her more often.)

I mentioned my Battle in My Brain about What to Watch Just Now on and somebody actually thought it was funny, yay. "I think you burn calories while laughing, so it's all good. Get up & dance while you watch her. :-) " they said to me.

I agree! Great idea! Who doesn't need to get up and dance? Or at least dance and move more in my seat with my mobility woes. :)

Thanks for the laughter and heartwarming stories, Ellen.

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