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Free Latin Language Games, Lessons, etc. & it's International Mother Language Day!

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February 21 is International Mother Language Day. For those of us whose heritage stems from those who spoke Latin, (and even those with different origins) this seems like a good time to have some fun with Latin:

There are some fun free PDF games to download here:
Homeschool Latin Activities and Games Free Downloads: I especially think McHenry's Chariot Latin game is really great, for Latin learning or Roman history or just for fun! As she describes it: "Chariots at the Circus" teaches 85 Latin words.  It features a board that resemble the Circus Maximus where chariot races were held.  The tokens are little chariots, of course.  The two main "selling points" of this game are: 1) you learn as you go along (many Latin games I have seen require you to know words already), and 2) all players play at the same time so that there is no "dead time" while players wait for their turn.

Here is a Latin Game. As they describe it: Player fills up one part, until the whole table is full and then, the last player to fill up the table gives the next verb. All in the Indicative Present Tense at first, unless someone would like to practice the same verb at the different tense, then sure, no problem! Just click the link to check out more!"

The following is a school-initiated site that has plenty of cool resources. I would have loved to learn Latin in this atmosphere, I'll bet. Notice their great projects (including a sample below but you need to check out the site:)

The website has:
As they explain on their site "Latin Four students this spring have the facts to prove the case-- Latin is everywhere you look. Students have searched discarded newspapers to create collages of vocabulary with  tell-tale traces of Latin. They have also clipped and cropped, stapled and stuck a bulletin board and a hall wall full of all things Roman.            bene factum...euge omnibus!  "

I love collages, so I think the above is really cool. Great job!
Among their games they offer (see here:
are jigsaw puzzles, acting like a Roman sleuth, map games, mosaics, and many many more!

This article will also be helpful to lovers of Latin:

50 Fun and Educational Websites Keeping Latin Alive


Folks who are learning (or want to learn) several languages will perhaps enjoy this site:
Think of Conjuguemos as an online workbook for your Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Latin language students. The site stores a large amount of practice activities, with more exercises added during the year by our users. Teachers can also create their own activities.

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