Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lot's of Free Pollination Science Lesson Resources For All Ages, Homeschool etc.

Reproductive Parts of a Flower
There are plenty of cool sites that have great resources about plants, pollination, etc.
Great for homeschool or classroom or even gardeners. So I thought I'd compile some of
them for you to enjoy:

For instance this site has several options including:
Sing a Pollination Song! plusSing a Pollination Song!
download lesson plansLesson Plans

Or, check out "Neighborhood Explorers: Let's Go Outside!"
Learn Neighborhood Explores imageabout pollinators and other wildlife using Neighborhood Explorers. Pollinators are featured in "Lucy's Story", "Lucy's Challenge", and "NX Detective Game".

Then you can take a trip to the

Several cool pollinator lessons:

Then flit on over to this great site:

Nothing like hands-on creations to bring lessons home:
Learn how to CREATE A FLOWER at this site:
Students apply what they have learned about flower shape and structure to create flower models

Don't forget the Smithsonian, which has more great info:
Partners in Pollination
Plants and Animals, Partners in Pollination

Ultimately, all life on Earth depends on plants to provide food, shelter, and oxygen for other living things. Consequently, plant reproduction is crucial to all other life on this planet


Finally, here's another online list of Pollinator Related Educational Materials


plus one more nice link for you:

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