Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Punkin Chunkin: We'll Be Watching This on the Science Channel, on Thanksgiving Day

Luckily we get the Science Channel for free this month with our satellite membership. They have some great shows. I like this one for homeschool because it includes making catapults etc. Maybe we'll make one too! But I wanted to let you know about the show too:

Punkin Chunkin : Science Channel: Plus there's a game and puzzles here on the website too. "About Punkin Chunkin
For 25 years, Punkin Chunkin has hit the skies. This year, Science Channel is honoring the backyard engineers who turn pumpkins into projectiles with an inside look at the 2010 championship. The World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association (WCPCA) is a nonprofit association started in 1986 that hosts the Punkin' Chunkin' World Championships, an event which raises money for scholarships and charitable organizations."

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