Saturday, November 20, 2010

Three Great Homeschool Thanksgiving Audios Free

Homeschool RadioShows: Has a nice audio about The Story of thanksgiving: "Enjoy some classic poetry and readings about the Thanksgiving season, in this great episode of the literary series, Anthology. Great stuff!"

They also have an Mp3 about "The Sailing of the Pilgrims" Let’s go back to the very beginning of the Pilgrims’ voyage to America, where we immediately discover a problem: It is already September 6th, 1620, and their ship, the Mayflower, is still at harbor at Plymouth Harbor, England. Plagued by problems with the crew, persecution from the English Church, and winter coming on, time is running out for the Pilgrim voyagers even before they begin their dangerous journey — will they be able to set sail, or must their journey be called off before it begins? In this great episode of the classic series “You Are There”, we visit the scene as if radio reporters were actually there, reporting on the happenings as they occurred, and interviewing the people involved in the unfolding drama. EXCELLENT “living history” your kids will thoroughly enjoy! This episode of “You Are There” was originally broadcast on December 21, 1947.

And finally, they offer something funny for the occasion:…And, as our final Thanksgiving story for this year, here is a VERY funny tale of Baby Snooks’ dream after eating way too much turkey for Thanksgiving! (10 minutes)

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