Thursday, November 18, 2010

Free One Year"Cruise Travel" Magazine Subscription!

Click here to see if you can Claim Your COMPLIMENTARY Subscription!: for one-year to Cruise Travel (and to find out what FREE business magazines you could receive),
Here's how they describe the magazine:  The exciting and romantic world of cruise vacations is yours! This industry-leading magazine features Ship of the Month, Port of the Month, Cruise of the Month, along with seasonal Cruise Calendars that provide itineraries, ports-of-call, and prices. Every aspect of cruising is covered from planning, dress codes, shore excursions, and shopping, to wheelchairs and special needs. Plus, the Annual Cruise Directory is the definitive must-have guide for vacationers and agencies alike. I likegetting magazines from this organization because they never bill or charge when they say they won't and they don't require a credit card or anything, it really is free.

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