Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free 10 Days To Save The World: PC Download Game

  • You are humanity's last hope in stopping a global catastrophe
  • Find out what secrets an ancient amulet hides
  • Search through ruins of the past and learn about the future
  • Perform mysterious Mayan rituals to solve mysteries
  • Figure out the puzzling riddles to save mankind!

Race to keep humanity from extinction in 10 Days to Save the World, a hidden object search where ancient secrets hold the key to survival!

Two years ago, Diana and her sister found a mysterious amulet while hunting for treasure. Recently, this artifact began to vibrate and act strangely, corresponding with a string of serious disasters such as flooding in Africa and a drought in Venice. Diana has a strange feeling that the amulet might have something to do with these cataclysms, and sets out with her archaeologist father to search for clues. Can they find the answers before it's too late?

Hurry along with Diana and her team as they race to prevent a global disaster from ending the world! Search through Mayan ruins and discover secrets of this ancient past to learn about the future. Solve intricate riddles, perform mysterious rituals, and find out why the government is tracking your every move!

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