Friday, February 4, 2011

Free Game Great Adventures - Lost in Mountains: PC Download

"GameHouse provides a free game that you can download and play free forever. The game is only available for one day"
  • Find the missing scientist and save the world in this fabulous adventure.
  • Search the last known location for signs of his whereabouts.
  • Solve bewildering puzzles and uncover clues to get on the trail.
  • Keep you search party happy, healthy and rested during the journey.
  • Play amusing mini-games selecting from six charismatic characters.

Save the world from certain disaster when you rescue a renowned inventor in Great Adventures - Lost in Mountains!

A famous scientist has disappeared under strange circumstances, along with his most recent discovery. Unfortunately for everyone, this special formula would have dire consequences if it fell into the wrong hands. Only after a frantic and brief call to his daughter, does anyone realize that something might be wrong, and so she races to be at his side. But once she does arrive, the hotel he was staying in is empty, and there is no trace of his whereabouts. Free Games > Download and Play Today! | GameHouse:

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