Thursday, February 3, 2011

Free Game Jane Angel - Templar Mystery: PC Download

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  • Track down the treasures of the Templars in this Hidden Object quest.
  • Travel the world with an FBI Agent and discover clues.
  • Search through exotic scrollable locations.
  • Play and solve seven types of challenging mini-games.
  • Learn astonishing facts about the religious Knights.

Join the hunt for religious treasures and discover the Holy Grail in Jane Angel - Templar Mystery.

When a case of medieval coins contraband is uncovered at the local airport, FBI Agent and art expert, Jane Angel, eagerly jumps into the investigation. Her fascination with ancient treasures goes very deep, and soon this case will have her digging even deeper into a quest of epic proportions.

Follow Jane on this worldwide search for the treasures of the Templars. Trace history to locate the final resting place. Could it be Columbia, brought over by Christopher Columbus? Or perhaps it's buried under Roslyn Chapel in the Scottish highlands? Find out as you search for objects through 24 exotic locations. Solve 3D jigsaw puzzles, decipher coded word messages and learn astonishing facts. Can you figure out this timeless mystery?

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version and Jane Angel - Templar Mystery today!

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Jane Angel - Templar Mystery Screenshot

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