Monday, October 3, 2011

Free Pastel Painting Techniques ebook from Artist Daily

Free eBooks on Pastel Painting TechniquesPastel Painting Techniques from Artist Daily: "Pastel Painting Techniques with Artist Daily: Making Color Work in Every Pastel Drawing

Explore the great variety of ways pastels can be used dans votre artwork. What gives pastel painting and pastel drawing their originality is the way colors are blended or layered directly on the surface, rather than mixed on a palette. With this free pastel painting eBook, Artist Daily gives you the tools pour apprendre how to paint avec pastels by focusing on the generous color effects offert by this medium. Download your free copy today and achieve vibrant colors, création stimulating and high-energy pastel portraits and pastel landscapes.

Learn how to paint with pastels using an impressionistic handling of pastel pigments, and get expert tips and pastel painting techniques in this free eBook: Pastel Painting Techniques: Making Color Work in Every Pastel Drawing.


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