Sunday, June 17, 2012

Food Lovers don't forget to check out the Food & Wine Classic virtually!

I've mentioned this on Twitter but I wanted to remind all you food lovers out there to check out this fun food event virtually:

Hellmann's, along with Chef Tim Love, is offering food lovers everywhere an insider's look at one of the nation’s most celebrated food festivals – the 30th Annual FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen.  

@Hellmanns is giving YOU a virtual backstage pass to the @FandW Classic! Follow them for a behind-the-scenes look! #RealTastesBetter

The Classic is known as America's premier culinary event with three days of cooking demonstrations, tastings and panels with world-class chefs, Hellmann’s® wants to provide a virtual ticketof the festival to food lovers everywhere.  Each day @Hellmanns will be featuring new content from behind the scenes in Apsen.

In its bid to bring REAL to fans at the Classic and those at home, Hellmann’s® is creating a video series featuring Chef Love that will offer an exclusive insider’s look at many of the FOOD & WINE Classic’s famed events.  Designed to show home chefs how they can bring the delicious food enjoyed at the Classic to their own tables, Chef Love will share the secrets andessential ingredients that help make up some of America’s favorite dishes. 

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