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Hooray! Madagascar 3 Opens Tomorrow -- Get Free ideas Printables Etc.


Madagascar 3 Circus Circle — Hosted Party

Madagascar 3 Circus Circle’s Most Wanted Party

Here are some of my extra ideas should you decide to have your own Madagascar 3 party: Go to this site and you can download for free like I got the other day and have been using for our real-life party: 

The goodies you can get include online video game(s) to play, ipod aps, plus a "party kit" items like:
  • - A crack-a-lackin recipe for Marty's zebra cake. (It has photo, directions etc. for a cake that has zebra stripes on the inside!) I use that, plus make it in the shape of a zebra and decorate with white and black icing with licorice for decorations on it.)
  • - A classic game with a "mad" twist featuring Gloria (I love her. Maybe that's cuz I'm as corpulent almost, lol,)
  • - Decorations, masks and a face paint recipe to get everyone into the Madagascar mood
  • - Fun activities and games to keep the party movin' in really nice color you can print and play.
We were so very very excited about the thought of hosting a Madagascar 3 party! Thrilled, in fact! I'm sure you would love having one too! We already ADORE the Madagascar movies and spin-offs :) The previews look wonderful and Time Magazine's reviews are glowing!

Here are some of my ideas for a live party that you might use too, mixed in with activities provided by Madagascar 3:

-  Turn your environment into a circus, set up a circus tent (or a regular tent and call it a circus tent) if you can. :) Hang colorful plastic banners or even some you make yourself with cut-out wrapping paper plus some string.

-  Consider incorporating the European destinations the Madagascar characters visit into your decorations. For instance, you could hang up a travel poster of Rome featuring the Colloseum.

-  make paper mache versions of the Madagascar characters, some of which can be pinatas and the others purely decorative to keep or for prizes to give party goers and game and activity winners. (You could make small paper mache Madagascar character replicas to fill with party favors using small water balloons as the bases for the bodies and heads :)
-     We LOVE making fun and/or fancy cakes, so use the zebra cake recipe for the inside of the cake, plus make the cake in the shape of said zebra, of course :) Ice it with white and chocolate stripes, use black licorice (strings plus regular) for tail and black licorice snow drops for eyes, nose details etc.

-     Make paint using the recipe in the pdf kit, another one from online (google it) or buy some ready-made. Invite kids and adults alike to have their faces painted in fun circus fashion and/or to wear the masks printed out from the Madagascar-provided kit. Consider clowns and Madagascar animals :)

-  Invite everybody to either come dressed in circus and/or fave Madagascar character fashion, or wait and get their costumes at the party. For instance, a tightrope walker or horse trainer or those fancy dancers that swirl on those long ropes, lol. Or an animal or a clown. Or a magician-looking emcee with cape and top hat :)( I would be a humongous rainbow clown hippo since I wouldn't need padding, lol.) Plus animals or maybe a hunter looking lion tamer or muscle man. (Use balloons or rolled up socks inside a long sleeve shirt for the muscles. :) )
     Give invitees ideas of fun ways they can come dressed up if they wish, and if possible assemble fun clothes they can put on if they don't have any of their own (like from a Thrift store) or they can bring plain t-shirts etc.) and you all can enjoy turning them into circus wear with fabric markers or crayons.

-     Games and activities are provided in the printable kit. Plus add some of your own.

-  Don't forget to have a "move it move it" dance off!

-  Consider offering circus popcorn or popcorn balls, and cotton candy, and circus animal crackers etc. (The possibilities for the food are endless my mind is a whirring. :) ) There are also some cool circus theme food items on other sites online. :)

-  Have at least one circus-theme Madagascar craft. How about molding animals out of clay?

-  Put on your own little circus with some fun hands-on activities, like learning to juggle with scarves :)

-  Take lot's of photos, and make "souvenir circus booklets" (I'm a huge scrapbooking and design fan so this'll be great fun-- I'll post ours soon PLUS a page I make you will be free to use) that will of course be a la Madagascar too and guests will get to be in it plus have it sent to them as souvenirs later :)

     I might have forgotten to add some of the ideas I'm offering for your own Madagascar 3 party, but I wanted to get this post out to remind you that the movie opens tomorrow!

     This brings back some great memories of Circus Vargas and Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey.

-  Consider tying in some homeschool or classroom lessons because there's nothing like making school fun! Learn about Rome, the Colloseum, hippos, giraffes, zebras, lions, penguins, clowns, the history of the circus, you name it. Plus the "move it move it" dance can be included in Physical Education class :)

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