Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy 50TH Wedding Anniversary Maman And Papa

Photo altered digitally into 12x12 with various software painted etc.
     Since I'm broke as usual, lol, there will be no huge party for the occasion, like I hear many people do for their parents. Nevertheless, my parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Isn't that amazing in this day and age? They're not into big shindigs anyhow, so I'll try not to feel bad I can't do more for them.
     My "real life" crafting ability seemed to leave me this week too due to assorted traumas. But my digital creative muse was in the house, so instead I created bunches of art suitable for framing or putting in a scrapbook instead for them.
     The one above I thought I'd share with you. I cropped a great photo I love of them. Then I spent some time playing with it and altering it with various software I own, from oil painting it to adding various borders, frames and wording.
     I also gave them my voice singing a funky anniversary song, which always makes them laugh:
(Sung to the tune of  the galloping-type song they play when a cowboy is going fast on his horse:)
Ha ppy A nni ver sa ry,
Ha ppy A nni ver sa ry,
Ha ppy A nni ver sa ry,
HA ppy Anni ver sary.

May you have many more loving years together, my great parents.

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