Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Free The Book of Hallowe’en

Are you curious about the history of Halloween? Then here's a free book Mac or PC owners might enjoy, whether for teaching purposes or entertainment.
     Called "The Book of Hallowe’en"  Homeschool Freebie of the Day describes the vintage goody this way:
     "Today’s resource is this well done history of Halloween, compiled by librarian Ruth Kelley back in 1919. Whatever your opinion of Halloween is, good or bad, it is still quite fascinating to trace the history of where it came from and what the origins of all the symbols, stories, beliefs and customs associated with Halloween are (or at least were up to the early 1900s). Lots of interesting stories, poems and world history in this."

from the preface:
This book is intended to give the reader an account of the origin and history of Hallowe’en, how it absorbed some customs belonging to other days in the year, — such as May Day, Midsummer, and Christmas. The context is illustrated by selections from ancient and modern poetry and prose, related to Hallowe’en ideas.

Note from Homeschool Freebie of the Day : "We know some of our readers love Halloween and some hate it… so if this resource is objectionable to you, please just do not download it. For what it’s worth, our offering this resource does not imply our endorsement of any current Halloween customs or celebrations. Halloween simply is what it is — and whatever you think of it, knowing something about its history is not such a bad idea."

If you would like this resource for your homeschool, classroom, home use etc., go here:

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