Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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For 30 days, you can download for free the book: "Real Prayers For People With Real Problems" which will offer you 52 prayers!
     Written by award-winning author Jack Watts and based on the bible, you can read and keep it in PDF form for free forever if you hurry.
     Here's how Watts describes it:
     "Life can be very difficult.
When despair and heartache becomes overwhelming for you or for someone you know, reaching out to God seems as natural as breathing, doesn’t it?
      For millions, however, finding the words to express their feelings can be challenging. Prayer becomes especially difficult for those who have brought their calamity upon themselves.
      That’s why Real Prayers for Real People with Real Problems can be so valuable. Like nothing else available, the fifty-two prayers in Real Prayers can help those in need connect to the Source of Life—Almighty God."
     As usual, feel free to forward this offer to whomever you please by sending them to this blog post.
     To get your copy, go here:

The Author

Jack Watts, the author of the award-winning memoir, Hi, My Name Is Jack has also published Recovering From Religious Abuse: 11 Steps to Spiritual Freedom and We Believe: 30 Days to Understanding Our Heritage. A Renaissance man, this father of five, and grandfather of nine has many talents and interests. A native of Newton, MA, he now lives in Atlanta, GA.
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