Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Mp3 Lil Known True President Story Do or Diet! for Homeschool Etc.

You can download an interesting Mp3, "Mr. President: Do or Diet!" over at Homeschool Freebie of the  Today.

Here's how Jim Erskine describes this mp3 audio:

“Mr. President… at home in the White House — the elected leader of our people, our fellow citizen and neighbor. These are little-known stories of the men who have lived in the White House — dramatic, exciting events in their lives that you and I so rarely hear…”

Today,  in conjunction with the upcoming presidential election here in the US of A, we continue our series of classic “Mr. President” radio dramas. In this week’s episode, Mr. President finds that managing the White House is sometimes even more difficult than managing matters of state, let alone the equally difficult problem of his own weight! I suspect you might already know, but listen to the story and see if your kids can figure out who this particular “Mr. President” is!"
To get your free copy go here:

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