Monday, October 1, 2012

Free Hand Sewing Lessons Vintage Teaching and Learning to Sew 3 year course and some fond memories

     Although not extensively illustrated, this "Hand Sewing Lessons -- A Graded Course for Schools and for the Home" by Sarah Ewell Krolik should interest teachers, homeschoolers and anybody else (children through adult) who wishes to teach hand sewing, or to learn to sew.
     This might have come in handy years ago when I taught my oldest son extremely basic hand sewing. He made his own pillow out of one of his favorite Scooby Doo shirts that he had outgrown. He was so proud of it and LOVED using his own creation. The experience is a fond memory.
     It's also a huge bonus. Years later, he had a hole in his pants. Rather than rely on somebody else to fix it, he sewed it up all on his own in great, small stitches. Wow, was his grandmother surprised and impressed.
     The ebook is offered by Homeschool Freebie of the Day. Here's how Jim Erskine describes it:
     "This vintage instruction manual, originally published in 1905, is a great THREE YEAR course in hand sewing basics designed for home or school instruction. This is quite different than the sewing resource we offered months ago. Lots of helpful instructions for the teacher, with many projects and ideas for teaching. Check it out if you are interested in teaching this largely neglected but eminently practical skill."
Illustration for section "Plain sewing&qu...
Illustration for section "Plain sewing" in Encyclopedia of Needlework. Fig. 12. Another kind of sewing-stitch.
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To download your copy go here:

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