Monday, October 18, 2010

Free Farm Game Download Free Today Only

Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party!This looks like great fun! I know my 8 year old and I really love the other Farm Frenzy game we downloaded for free a while back. Course, we live in the middle of nowhere and are building up our farm animal menagerie slowly but surely in real life (including a donkey most recently :) ) but in that one he loves the challenge of using strategy to gather the required number of eggs, turkeys etc. by feeding them right, etc., so he can get to the next level.
This one combines pizza with the farm animals etc. and pizza is, his favorite food, so it should be another blast! Woohoo! Plus since it's about a farm and agriculture, I can use it as an extension to a farm, agriculture, gardening, animal science etc. lesson for homeschool.
Just click here to get your copy too!

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