Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free Book Alll About Bugs Butterflies Beetles Etc. For Homeschool or Otherwise

My youngest son Noah in particular will love today's free offering from Homeschool Freebie of the Day: "The American Boy’s Book of Bugs, Butterflies & Beetles by Dan Beard (PDF ebook)

Girls who like creepy crawlies will enjoy it too, of course. I know I'll love reading about butterflies and MOST of the insects, lol. I avoid pictures of the few I'm phobic of (tarantulas, though cute, give me the heebie jeebies unfortunately.)
The Erskines call this ebook: This is a truly wonderful guide book to the insect kingdom for inquisitive and “hands on” learners. Written in an extremely engaging style and chock full of illustrations and novel ideas for teaching (for instance chapter one compares the construction of a boy with the construction of a beetle) that will fascinate bug fans of all ages."

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