Monday, January 16, 2012

I Made A FANCY Valentine Card for sale cheap on my Yardsellr page :)

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This one of a kind fancy card and envelope stationery duo is very intricate and is adorned in a silver and pink pallette.
A highlight is the embossed metal adornment, also hand-embellished, as well as the lacy heart addition.
The result is almost a Renaissance or Medieval style card as if given to a princess in a castle.
It features embossing, debossing on all surfaces including inside the card and the envelope, which are often plain in many cards store bought etc.
Large size photoIt also features metallic drawn artwork/rubbings on it: I make each of my cards individually so each features the "artist's hand."
Folks who've seen this so far say it's "gorgeous" and they want a similar one. I can do cards in different colors etc. upon request, but no two are ever exactly alike.
Large size photoSo you can know that yours is one-of-a-kind just like your sweetheart is.
There is a tag inside for you to write your sentiment for Valentine's or any day. Or if you wish I can write whatever sentiment you wish for you.
Large size photoI can mail this to you, or to the one you love. Just let me know when purchasing via email if you prefer the latter option, and what you want the inside to say as well as the recipient's address.
Large size photoIt will be mailed well-protected with bubble wrap to keep the embossing nice. :)
You can buy it on Yardsellr here:!/intricate-handmade-valentine-or-love-card-free-ship-1709539

Or you can leave a comment or email me and we can go direct through Paypal.

I offer many greeting cards, stationery, scrapbooking items, arts & crafts, homeschooling sets, and you name it in my store. Check back often.
As usual if you want more than one item please holler and I'll see about giving you a deal if I can ship for cheaper all at once.
I'm also open to offers and trading :)
Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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