Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cell Phone Postcards Review Update

Cellphone PostcardsRemember how I mentioned the other day that I got to try Cellphone Postcards for free and you can too? You still can get 10 totally free postcards, I'll give you the link below.
But in case you need more info, I thought you'd like to hear how my first attempt at actually making a post card went. :)
It actually took me 10 tries to get them to accept my first photo from my computer. I'm not sure if it's something I did wrong or not (probably is, lol.) But they wouldn't accept any of my first photo choices, which were ones from my computer taken with a large resolution camera (good quality.) So, I tried an actual cell phone picture I'd saved to my computer, and no more IO error. Then, everything wemt smoothly.
It was easy to add a new address t o their address book by typing it in. It automatically puts in the from address, so that's cool. And you get up to 14 lines to put your message, so that worked great for what I wanted to say to "Grandmaman" for her birthday, since the final photo is of all three grandkids.
I'm thinking maybe they like cellphone photos the best, whether from your cellphone or saved to your computer first. Plus probably horizontal ones work best.
Anyhow, it's cool because the first 3 we send totally free also get sent as a copy to us, so that'll be fun to see. (Plus we get 7 more sent to anyone we want.) You , too, can get this deal whether or not you're a Bzzagent like I am. :)
Check it out for your 10 free cards (no credit card needed) at

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