Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Poppy Digital Scrapbook Embellishment in Honor of Veterans Day etc.

PoppyAlthough born in the United States I grew up in Canada, and I remember how huge and solemn an occasion "Remembrance Day" was in school there. We each received a poppy to wear (I think they were made of fabric?) and had a huge assembly honoring those who served and especially those who were lost.
Well today Veterans Day Nov. 11 the French company Studio-Scrap is offering a FREE poppy...for you to use in scrapbooking, school papers or you name it:
Here's what they say:
"Show respect and your love of traditions and use our Free poppy.
It is the time of the year where we celebrate the end of World War I. Poppies are now less a means to help the last war veterans and more a sign of respect for memories.
What can you do with your poppy?
You can use it to add to your favorite social network profile picture, like Facebook...

You can create new family scrapbooking layouts paying tribute to your ancestors with this symbolic poppy.

Where can you get your free poppy?
In their boutique.
Add the poppy to your cart, proceed to payment (it's free !), and then use the link you will receive by email to download your poppy.

. "Click here to get yours too~! November 11th poppy | CDIP Boutique - genealogy and scrapbooking software:

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