Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Becoming a Writer" free audio

Interested in becoming a writer? Want to get your homeschool or other students more interested in it? Then today's free item from the Erskine family is for you. Click this link to get it: Freebie of the Day: This is the first in a whole series Rushton sells, so you get to try it. It's called: "So You Want to be a Writer! (Session One) by Cindy Rushton (MP3 audio)" No, I don't get any income from her sales, lol.
     I haven't heard this yet, but I know I was a professional writer for MANY years and loved it. Yes, it is very challenging. But it can also be exciting.
     My son and I in homeschool have been working on books HE writes, (he's 8) Sometimes, like earlier this week, he told me the story out loud and I typed it in for him. We added a cover and illustrations and printed it out into a "real" book and it's exciting for him and a great keepsake. So it's never too early to start kids on writing!
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