Wednesday, November 17, 2010 -- Abecedarian Assessment

Fantastic free reading assessment resource!

I'm tutoring a new third grader (besides my regular homeschooling of my family) so I'm going to use this to figure out where to go with him: -- Abecedarian Assessment: "The Abecedarian Reading Assessment

The Abecedarian Reading Assessment was designed to test what research has shown to be the most essential knowledge domains for developing reading skills. The knowledge domains assessed by the Abecedarian include:

• Letter Knowledge
• Phonological Awareness (Rhyme and Phoneme Identity)
• Phoneme Awareness (First and Last Sounds and Phoneme Segmentation)
• Knowledge of the Alphabetic Principle
• Vocabulary (Production, Synonyms, and Antonyms)
• Decoding (Fluency, Regular Words and Irregular Words)

Written by two reading researchers, Sebastian Wren and Jennifer Watts, the Abecedarian is available for you to download and use for free. It is a large document (over 50 pages long), so it may take a while to download if you have a telephone connection. The authors have given permission for this document to be reproduced freely on two conditions:

• The Abecedarian may not be altered.
• Appropriate credit must be given for authorship."

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