Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Can Help Improve School Lunches

Time for LunchEven though we homeschool, I care about all those kids still eating school lunches. So this cause seems important to me:

"It's this opportunity or we lose it" - Rep George Miller, referring yesterday to the Child Nutrition Act.

Jerusha, for the Slow Food USA Team, says that Today 32 million children will line up in school cafeterias across the nation. Right now, underfunding means that the people filling our kids' trays have no choice but to do it with food that will lead to one in three of those children contracting diabetes.

It's time to serve our kids a better deal.

As Congress returns post-election, they'll have an improved Child Nutrition Act sitting on their desk - one that gives more money for each meal, supports farm-to-table programs, and kicks junk food out of schools. Click here to tell them to pass it now:"

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