Sunday, December 12, 2010

Free Barnyard Sherlock Hooves: PC DownloadGames > Download and Play Today! | GameHouse

  • Join your friends from Back at the Barnyard in a Hidden Object mystery.
  • Help Otis find the other animals by tracking down clues.
  • Collect tools to use and avoid the farmer.
  • Earn medals and unlock seven wallpapers.
  • Have others join your search in the two-player mode.

Find the missing animals in Barnyard Sherlock Hooves, an entertaining romp for the entire family.

Otis the cow just woke up to find that all of his Barnyard friends are missing. The only one left is Pip, and he has no idea where everyone else is. He did however, notice that there are many misplaced objects lying around all over the farm. Finding these objects might be a good place to start, and possibly help in figuring out what happened to everyone else.

Join Otis and Pip to help them find Bessy, Miles, Pig, Abby, Freddy and Peck. Search for the misplaced objects in six Barnyard locations to uncover clues to their whereabouts. Collect tools to use, avoid the farmer, and earn medals, including seven fun wallpapers. When you've completed this strange investigation, you can then play against a friend and race each other to find the objects!

You can get it here free today only:
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