Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Free Full Version Plan It Green Nat Geo Video Game Download Today

We love National Geographic Games: So educational yet lot's of fun at the same time. Plus this one teaches about living green for the environment, so it sounds extra good!
  • Play two compelling game modes: Campaign and Free Play
  • Transform Greenville into a beautiful, eco-friendly city
  • Build and upgrade eight neighborhoods in 45 levels
  • Enhance your community with parks and more
  • Enjoy addictive gameplay

Design and build your own utopia in Plan It Green©, a wonderful arcade simulation that's full of environmentally friendly fun! Use your power as the new mayor to transform Greenville from a wasteful dump to a thriving community. Construct eco-homes, apply green upgrades, and improve the quality of live for the people of Greenville in 45 levels of fixer-upper action. Plan each district to your own specifications and tastes and watch your charming new neighborhood blossom. See how much fun going green can be in the free demo and create your very own vision of a sustainable world in the full version. Go green with Plan It Green©!

  • Plan It Green© Screenshot 1
  • Plan It Green© Screenshot 2
  • Plan It Green© Screenshot 3
  • Plan It Green© Screenshot 4

Plan It Green© Screenshot

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