Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free Games > Download Incredible Express Be a railroad magnate!

We have this game. It's interesting and starts out easy, then sucks the player in as it gets more and more challenging. I use it to help with our study unit on railroads and trains. 

You can get it today only free from Gamehouse. Or, I found it for cheap any time (see Amazon link below.) 

I've also included a couple links to more information about Railroads etc. for your lessons below.

This Game Features

  • Build rail ways and deliver goods
  • Over 60 fascinating levels
  • 8 upgrades for even more fun and entertainment
  • Bonus campaigns with more levels and unique challenges
Incredible Express [Game Download]Incredible Express [Game Download]

Product Description

Help Maria connect cities and factories, deliver goods, and turn an old and shabby steam locomotive into a transatlantic operation!
Incredible Express [Game Download]Here's the link to get it free today:
Incredible Express [Game Download]
Free Games > Download and Play Today! | GameHouse: "GameHouse provides a free game that you can download and play free forever. The game is only available free for one day
Here's the link to get it cheap any other day:

Rail transport is the means of conveyance of passengers and goods by way of wheeled vehicles running on rail tracks
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