Monday, December 6, 2010

Free Holiday Mp3 of a presentation, Stress Free Holidays & Christ Centered - Media Angels, Inc.

Stress Free Holidays & Christ Centered - Media Angels, Inc.: "Felice Gerwitz, the new owner of the Ultimate Homeschool Expo shares from the heart, 'How to Make Your Family Celebrations Fun and Guilt Free.' With expectations from the children, extended family, and pressures often self-imposed, for many of us the holiday season often turns into dread and despair instead of being joyous and hopeful. The holiday turned into a chore for Felice and she resorted to everything including hiring her daughter’s college friend to wrap her Christmas presents one year rather than enjoying the task herself. At this point she realized something was wrong and she took a hard look at how the season had evolved into a time she dreaded instead of cherished. Focusing on what really matters and simplifying whenever possible, Felice will share with you her passion for making the most out of life and keeping Christ as the focus. Time: Approx. 45 min."

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