Sunday, December 5, 2010

Homeschool Add-ons Plus Free Game on China archaeology: Lilly Wu and the Terra Cotta Mystery> Download and Play Today!

Woohoo! A free Nat Geo game today! That means we'll learn about China and the Terra Cotta Warriors they found at the same time! Cool! That makes it great to help with social studies for homeschool.

Product Features

  • Features -
  • Discover your inner explorer in this National Geographic expedition
  • Use forensic archaeology to solve the death of China's first Emperor
  • Unlock National Geographic's vaults and learn fascinating facts about the Terra Cotta Warriors and China's history
  • Includes special bonus content from articles and the Terra Cotta museum exhibits
  • Product Description

    Bring National Geographic to life in Lilly Wu and the Terra Cotta Mystery, and lead a forensic expedition to settle a 2,000 year-old mystery. Emperor Qin was the first Emperor of China who died under mysterious circumstances. Was it an accident, or an assassination? Two thousand years later, the best forensic archaeologist around is about to investigate the biggest crime scene of her life. Travel to China as the accomplished Lilly Wu to uncover the truth! Seek out evidence in the present and re-create the past. Form a mental picture through time and trace the steps of what must have happened. Look closely for clues; pick up valuable evidence and answer questions shrouded by years of decay. Can your inner explorer solve this ancient mystery?

    Find evidence in the present and re-create the past using hidden objects

It's free today only at Gamehouse: Free Games > Download and Play Today! | GameHouse:
Or, you can get it here when it becomes available:

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