Thursday, September 22, 2011

8 Dead From Listeria-Contaminated Cantaloupes

Sliced cantaloupe and US map points indicated with8 Dead From Listeria-Contaminated Cantaloupes: "Sept. 21, 2011 -- Eight people have died in the ongoing outbreak of listeria food poisoning from Colorado cantaloupes.

There have been four deaths in New Mexico, two in Colorado, one in Maryland, and one in Oklahoma.

The CDC now has 55 reported illnesses from 14 states:

California (1 case)
Colorado (14)
Illinois (1)
Indiana (1)
Maryland (1)
Montana (1)
Nebraska (4)
New Mexico (10)
Oklahoma (8)
Texas (9)
Virginia (1)
West Virginia (1)
Wisconsin (2)
Wyoming (1)"

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