Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun Economics Comic ebook Free! And from a Christian Perspective, Yay!

Homeschool Freebie of the Day: has a cool offering today for homeschoolers, classroom students, and adults into the economy alike! "THE OFFICIAL COUNTERFEITER (PDF comic book)

Here's what the Erskines write about their offering on their site (just click the link above to go download yours.)
"Here's the story of this neat little economics cartoon book from the Daily Paul Liberty Forum:

Vic Lockman is a former Disney cartoonist who actually created some of the Disney characters. He went on to use his illustrative talents to produce compelling educational comics. One of my favorites has always been "The Official Counterfeiter", which is now out of print. Although it was written over 40 years ago, apart from the huge increase in the debt numbers today, it is still an amazingly clear and convincing presentation of the principles of sound economics and the official counterfeiter, the Federal Reserve.

Mr. Lockman graciously gave his permission to digitize "The Official Counterfeiter" since I felt it to be such a powerful tool to help practically anyone understand the destructive and immoral influence of the Federal Reserve System.

Mr. Lockman writes from a Biblical perspective, so this is particularly appropriate for evangelical Christians who do not fully understand Ron Paul's preoccupation with the Fed. However, the Christian perspective does not detract from the economic education that anyone will receive from this little gem."

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