Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do Something! Get Help With Your Project or Cause At Bootcamp If You Are Age 25 or Younger!!

Wow, this sounds so cool! How great it would be to meet with other folks doing things for causes, projects etc.! 
The goal of the Boot Camp is to offer a platform for young world-changers (25 and under) to learn, think big and share their passion for social change with other like-minded peers. 
But us older folks have chances to help too, just see the info about "speed catchers" below.

Do you have a special organization, project or cause? Or an idea or a plan for a great one?
Then wants to help!

Here are their details:

Boot Camp!

WHEN: Saturday, June 9th (Register by this Friday, May 25!) in New York
August 18th - Los Angeles
WHO: Join a diverse group of young community leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs for a day of networking and training. 
WHAT: staff-ers will give each attendee tools to grow and sustain their ideas, projects and organizations. Boot Camps are designed for youth 25 and under who have started their own community (local and/or global) projects/organizations or are in the process (with specific ideas in mind) of starting one. Attendees who get the most out of our Boot Camps are those who have a solid well thought out project plan, have already begun to turn their project ideas into action, or have an existing project or organization.

Head to New York City and hang with us.

Just go to and register to get cool info like: 
  • Branding and Marketing: How to Tell Your Story
  • Starting your Own Not-for-Profit 101
  • Building a Website
  • ... and more! 
And they can help you get here! If you can't afford to make the trip to one of their Boot Camps, apply for a travel stipendAll travel scholarship applications are due by Friday, May 25th for the New York event. I'm not sure when the deadline is for Los Angeles one.

ABOUT SPEED CATCHING (as described by

To cap off the day, we bring in the “old people” (anyone over 25) for our Speed Pitching session. Modeled after speed dating, the attendees spend 2 minutes pitching their cause or project, get 2 minutes of feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their pitch from the catcher (you), and then move on to the next catcher…they do this about a dozen times. The attendees learn a ton and the catchers love helping out in a real, hands on way. 

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