Thursday, May 10, 2012

Free Cute Classic Beginniner Reader Primer (Where's Waldo predecessor: the Brownies Primer)

Wow this is fun and oh so enjoyable. Do your kids (or you) enjoy seek and find or Where's Waldo stuff? Then this is for you.
Head on over to Homeschool Freebie of the Day: to download your free copy like I did. As the Erskines describe this goody:  "The Brownies Primer by Palmer Cox (PDF ebook) – One of the most popular children's illustrators in the late 1800s was Palmer Cox, who created the amazing "Brownies" for the pages of ST. NICHOLAS magazine in the 1870s, and later a whole series of Brownies books. Cox drew incredibly intricate pictures of his playful Brownies, often with hundreds of brownies on every page. Amazingly, each brownie character was unique and possessed its own personality. If your kids have never seen these before, they are in for a real treat. They are a little like "Where's Waldo?" in that you can just about make a game of every full page illustration, trying to spot your favorite brownies.

The Brownies Primer is a fine beginning reader primer using many delightful illustrations from various Cox books. Use it for reading, for coloring, or just for plain fun, exploring these amazing pictures."

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