Saturday, May 12, 2012

Game Giveaway of the Day. Today: Family puzzle

Family puzzle screenshot
This looks like a good new fangled take on good old fashioned fun :)
You can download "Family Puzzle – An exciting jigsaw puzzle game based on a mosaic that the player has to put together from numerous image fragments of different shapes" today at GOTD's game site. It's normally worth $7, but today only it's free.
The game's designers say that "the more friends and family members are involved, the faster you will achieve success." so get your whole family together and have some fun!

Family puzzles are one of the most accessible types of entertainment that help develop logic, attention and memory. The game features a great number of puzzle types and modifications, different shapes of puzzle pieces and a large collection of images. The goal of the game is always the same – putting together an image from multiple pieces.
The difficulty of a specific puzzle is defined by the image underlying it, but the most important criterion is the number of elements. The higher it is, the more difficult it is to put the puzzle together. Try using real paintings, images and complex landscapes. Large puzzles are a serious challenge and take considerable time to complete.

You can start right now by downloading the game for free!"

System Requirements:Windows 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista; 500 Mhz processor; 64 Mb RAM; 25 Mb hard drive space; 3D video with 8 Mb VRAM
Publisher:Fly Games
File Size:20.4 MB
Price:The program is available for $6.99 , but it will befree for our visitors as a time-limited offer.

Game Giveaway of the Day. Today: Family puzzle

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