Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Remember When...Finding Summer Jobs for Teens

Has anybody else noticed that with this economy, finding a summer job seems harder than ever for teens, whether in high school or college age?
     In my family even my college age child has had trouble finding a job to help her survive in school. I pray she does soon (pray with me, ok?) especially since she just applied for one that would be perfect for her. :)
     In the "old days" when I was a teenager, it was easy to get babysitting and other gigs. Plus a lot easier to get part-time jobs to help myself through college. I always had something to do, whether passing out American Express applications around campus, typing for a Temple Beth (and learning some Hebrew in the process :) ) working at a sleep-in summer camp, writing feature stories for a large daily, doing a journalism intership at a small weekly, or working as a secretary for an insurance agent (among other jobs.) So I was blessed.
     Now, though, it seems even adults have trouble getting jobs, let alone younger folks without any job experience.
     So I like some of the suggestions in this blog entry on Vocalpoint:
Finding Summer Jobs for Teens: . Ways to help your teens get a great summer job.

     One avenue I did NOT have when I was young was the internet and sites like Etsy or Yardsellr to sell my arts and crafts, or I likely would have pursued that. Plus I think there are other ways for teens to make money online selling their work, such as an ebook perhaps.

     Good luck to all of you!

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