Monday, July 30, 2012

Free Country Olympic Flash Cards, My Country Book, Homeschool Activities Workbook

Map of Summer Olympics locations. Countries th...
Map of Summer Olympics locations. Countries that have hosted one Summer Olympics are shaded green, while countries that have hosted two or more are shaded blue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 In honor of the 2012 Summer Olympics going on right now, I have several freebies and resources related to it today:

-  Homeschool Freebie of the Day announced today that Knowledge Quest has a fun project for your kids to work on during the Olympic Games that, as Knowledge Quest describes it, "will give them an outlet for their creative energy after they have expended their physical energy trying some of the gymnastic stunts or sprinting feats across your living room floor.
     Their My Country Book will help your children record their favorite Olympic moments while reinforcing their geography knowledge and providing an interesting keepsake notebook to enjoy when it is finished.
     I think my favorite part of their multi-PDF downloads is their full-color flash cards of Olympic countries, but all are really nice.
To download yours click here:
My Country Book (Great Olympics project!) « Homeschool Freebie of the Day:

-     ABC Teach has many Summer Olympics activities for classroom or homeschool, several of which are cool and free. (I like the word search in the shape of an athlete.)  Check out their blog here:  They have a host of fun games and learning activities that the whole family can use.
To join in the festivities, abcteach has also been doing their own Olympic countdown (check their FB page)!

-  -  Here some cool bits of historical Olympic ephemera that I found on the web for you:

File:1335 Olympics 300.jpg
17th Summer Olympic Games, Rome, August 25 - September 11, 1960
File:Dorando Pietri.jpg
Dorando Pietri at the Marathon finish Olympic Games 1908 London
File:Marathon Hicks1904.jpg Tom Hicks, Marathon Olympic Champion and his supporters at the marathon.
St. Louis Olympic Games, 1904
English: Commemorative stamp of Greece, The Fi...
English: Commemorative stamp of Greece, The First Olympic Games (1896), 2 lepta. Русский: Марка Греции. Первые Олимпийские игры, 1896, 2 лепты (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-  Here is a map showing what countries are hoping to host the Olympic games in 2020:

File:2020 olympics bidding cities.PNG
Countries that are bidding for 2020 Summer Olympic GamesPradeep90
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported 

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